Game Music Readers’ Poll #3: “Terra’s Theme” (1994)

The opening screen of Final Fantasy VI (III)

The first time I played Final Fantasy VI I did not use a controller. It was October 20, 1994, the day of the game’s release, and I was in my grade 8 class. A buddy had picked the game up during lunch and brought it in to hook up to our Grade 8 teacher’s TV. Wisely, my friend did not even bring controllers to this event.

[To weigh in on last week’s musc poll, Castlevania’s “Heart of Fire,” click here.]

We watched the game’s intro twice at lunch, and then again at break. We were geeks, but this was not something we had done before nor ever repeated again. There was something special about this game. Yes, the graphics pushed the envelope for the 16-bit era, and, yes, the art style and story direction were excellent, but above all else, what grabbed a hold of our imaginations and left the indelible impression that is still with me today was Nobuo Uematsu’s magnum opus, “Terra’s Theme.”

I have included the full opening piece–the first 2:34 create an ominous tone and underscore “Terra’s Theme” nicely. If you are just looking to listen to the song tself, however, start listening at the 2:34 mark.

What do you think? Does this one stand the test of time? Is this great music, or just my nostalgia?


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