About Me

My name is Matt Slykhuis. I have a graduate degree in English, and I think auditing seminary courses while playing MMORPGs is a good time. I have a deep reverence for classical literature, yet I cannot deny (and do not wish to) the formative influence of video games (as literature) upon my life.

I’m a husband and father. I spend as much time introducing my children to the classics of the video game world (e.g., Zelda: A Link to the Past; Final Fantasy IV; etc.) as I do reading them the classics of the literary canon (e.g., Wizard of Oz; The Hobbit; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; etc.). We play a lot of LEGO, and have a seven foot tall carboard castle in our basement.

I am a follower of Christ, and I believe deeply what non-followers often have trouble understanding: that this is not just one more compartment of my life; rather, this bleeds into everything I say, do, and believe. It is integral to my living, my reading, my thinking, and, yes, to my videogaming.

I am a man who loves literature, film, video games, and philosophy. This site is a place where all four collide; even better, it is a place to pick up conversation about this collision. I plan to post a new thought each weekend, so have a read, leave a comment, enjoy. Cheers.

Why “The Bible Salesman”?

I like the paradoxes embodied in the symbol of a bible salesman. It brings together truth and commercialism, good news that is free and a text that is commodified and purchased. This symbol makes me wonder about the role of faith in the marketplace, the place of the bible among literature, and what it means for a man who loves video games, film, and literature to also be a man of faith. It is an awkward symbol that does not easily reconcile; it is a meeting point for further thought and further discussion. In many ways, it is who I am.


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